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Our blog, A Pets Life, is the best source of information on using crates for training, recovery after surgery, or travelling. We want to ensure that you not only use a crate, but know how to use a crate responsibly. If something tickles your fancy, just click on the ’read more’ option to continue on this road of discovery.

What to expect after your pet had surgery? (part 1: pet perspective)

published: 12/Nov/2019 | author: renaye

None of us want to hear the words CRATE REST from our Vets. But, the Vet prescribe this down time for very good reasons. The most important reason being that your pet needs it and that it is the best route for their recovery   read more

What to expect after your pet had surgery? (part 2: human perspective)

published: 12/Nov/2019 | author: renaye

Prescribed crate rest can be rough on your pet, but even more so on you as a person. It is a taxing process to go through where you need to be the strong one and do what has to be done, even if it is not nice. How do we as humans experience crate rest for pets and what can we do to make the experience better for ourselves?   read more

Is crating a dog cruel?

published: 07/Nov/2019 | author: renaye

Crating a dog has various advantages, but only when practicing crate training SAFELY and RESPONSIBLY.
“Crate training provides a number of benefits to owners. A crate that is sized properly encourages a dog's instinct not to mess where he sleeps, helping to teach the dog bladder and bowel control. This tendency to view the crate as a clean place is a huge benefit house training a new rescue dog or puppy, of course   read more

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